Summer attractions

 Apart from sports, visitors can operate Harrachov course, hiking or, more recently, a very popular rafting river Jizera from Mýto vessels without motor drive or on rafts. For this kind of sport is the best time in the spring, when it is in the channel enough water from melting snow. Na Devil's Mountain is the starting area for lovers of paragliding and hang gliding. For this kind of sport is earmarked flight corridors and landing plocha.Pro climbers are only available Lubošské rocks near Harrachov. Lubošské granite cliffs are toward the blue hiking trail along the river Mumlava towards Vosecká hut. they are
  hidden in the woods near the confluence with the torrent of Lubošskou few kilometers below Vosecká. Bobsleigh and Monkey Park, bobsleigh track in Harrachov, together with transport facilities of about 1000 m long, 38 m in elevation, average gradient of 6% and a maximum gradient of 12%. It has 17 curves and two attractive overhead crossings.
History of Harrachov

The original village Dörfl was founded in the 17th century near Seifenbach (now called Ryzí stream) and beginning of the 18th century it was renamed after its owners to Harrachov (originally Harrachsdorf).
After the 2nd World War was connected with settlement of the New World and Placer in r. 1959 they were also connected Mýtiny solitude on Polish territory, in exchange for the same area at Heretical rocks. Then, Harrachov got railway connection across Korenov with Tanvald. This one of the few operating rack-railway offers beautiful sightseeing tour through a romantic landscape of the Jizera and Giant, with a lot of tunnels and viaducts.
 Before Harrachov became the most famous tourist and sports center of the western Giant Mountains, famous far beyond its glass industry. Firstly at Rýžoviště and later in the New World was established tradition of first class quality blown, cut, engraved and painted or otherwise decorated glass. The newly opened museum of glass are exposed to the real gems of glass art.
Winter sports in Harrachov began operating shortly after the Count Jan Harrach brought skis to Bohemia (the 19th century). In 1908 he founded the "Association of winter sports". The first ski jumps, which many famous Harrachov, created in 1920. In 1923, Coop held its first international ski race, which was attended by the best skiers from many countries in Europe and the US. Since 1954, the international ski races are held regularly already. In 1980, he was jumping and cross-country skiing renovated, was built with the highest ski jump in the world - a giant hill K-185th In the 90s it was refurbished lift to Devil's Mountain. The funicular offers 130 seats and four-drive 1303 meters long traveled in 8.7 minutes. From the valley station (665 m asl) elevation is 357 meters. The transport capacity of 1782 people per hour. Among the newest attractions include bobsled.

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