Cancellation policy, terms and conditions for the year 2016

Service contracts
is with each order by the customer service made (the customer) issue a written order confirmation Hotel, which defines a specific range of services and their costs. The hotel always requires confirmation from customer feedback. In the mass, group and corporate events person who confirms the order of services, expressly states that it is entitled to act on behalf of the company or company - ordering. Any risk to bear this point in relation to the client. The customer agrees with complaints about the quality and range of services the hotel is immediately, without delay to deal with the appropriate representative of the hotel, so the hotel all means to the facts can provide, or to comment. Subsequent complaints were during the event, the hotel can not accept not addressed. (. S. Thomas Holakovský) manager on duty - For hotels in this matter to the Director or his representative to act

The best hotel
Hotel reservation guarantee they issued on the basis of a written confirmation. A written confirmation is subject to a binding written order of the customer in general. Unless otherwise stated, the hotel is entitled to demand a reasonable advance payment made for services, payable on arrival. The deposit amount and the date of maturity listed in the booking confirmation. If the deposit is not paid on the due date, the hotel considers the booking canceled without compensation. In the event that the hotel the customer does not provide accurate and timely confirmation capacity within the meaning of the written confirmation of the order, it's no proven additional costs in moving customers to other hotels involved to pay, and client compensation can be shown connected to it to order. Hotel guarantee accommodation on the day of arrival to 18:00 local time. After this period is entitled to offer hotel accommodation capacity of another candidate. If prior information may be agreement that time, the reservation to extend.

power spectrum
Hotel is obliged to provide services with an order confirmation in the scope and quality of adequate and qualitative standard of hotel classification, and the rates given in the order confirmation.

Conditions of cancellation
If the guest cancels the confirmed reservation, the hotel is entitled to charge the following cancellation fees:
28 days before arrival - 0%
From 28 to 14 days before arrival 20% of accommodation and other ordered services, specified in the written order confirmation.
indicated 50% of the accommodation and other services ordered, in the written order confirmation From 14 to 5 days before arrival
From 5-1 day and the day of arrival 100% of the price of accommodation and other ordered services, specified in the written order confirmation.

In the event that the collective and group events, the number of participants in the last 28 days before the start of more than 5%, subject to any difference to the cancellation conditions mentioned decreases.

In cases deserves special attention, as the hotel a Stornogebühr-, canceled or consent, to reduce the amount.
A reduction in the length of stay, or exhaustion of some of these services (in the case of the possibility of spending), is not a reason for a refund of a portion of the consideration paid for the services ordered, unless otherwise agreed.

terms of payment
Unless otherwise stated, the hotel requires the payment of services longest day of the guest's arrival, in cash. The hotel accepts credit cards and debit cards. For group and group events, the hotel requires payment of services on the last day made stay before leaving the hotel. If the written confirmation negotiated option with the hotel bill payment, the hotel makes for an invoice for services within 3 days after the event made and presents the bill due 14 days from the date of issue, while the effective date is the date the account of the hotel crediting. After this time, the hotel of default interest of 0.5% of the total amount is to be calculated for each day right. In the event that within the period of payment of the amount is not done, the hotel can assign guilt established for recovery. If a guest requests accepted payment in foreign currency from the hotel, day course is considered in the hotel currency exchange critical. When calculating the price of services in the written confirmation in a currency other than CZK / USD, EURO / that the prestigious course a bank by purchasing presents the foreign exchange conversion price CZK Hotel a foreign currency account, set risk rate of 5% has kept ,

If the set limit exchange rate risk is exceeded in a change in the CZK exchange rate against the euro, the landlord has the right to change the price of the services.


Demand for accommodation